Sunday, March 11, 2012

7 Most Secret Place in the World

1. Moscow Metro-2 – Rusia
Moscow Metro-2 in Russia is the city's largest underground system in the world. This city was built in the Stalin era. The city is very secret, even journalists who wish to cover the news of this place is always rejected by the government. This place is a very secret because no confirmation about the existence of this city. duagan bwah this land in the city get up to shelter the leaders of Russia

nuclear attack when a nuclear war, in addition to the city's subway linking the Russian government-owned setrategis place.

2. Club 33 – United States
Disneyland is a place of entertainment for children and adults. All places in Disneyland is be visited by anyone, but not for the 33 clubs. Not easy to enter this club, in addition to a very tight security here also use Finger Screen. Being a member of this club is not easy and very expensive, requiring registration $ 10-30 thousand. You also have to wait for 14 years to be a waiting list.

3. RAF Menwith Hill – United States
RAF Menwith Hill is a military base with connections to the global spy network, ECHELON. This place contains various underground stations and satellites are claimed to be the largest electronic monitoring station in the world. The area is located on the A59 Skipton Road, about nine miles west of Harrogate in North Yorkshire Moorlands and occupies about one square mile. This place was built by the United States Department of Defense.
This place was once primarily used for memeatatmatai all digital communications sofiet uni but now it's more used to seek information about terrorism, drugs and other syndicates.

4. White Gentlemen’s Club – United Kingdom
This place is a place for people in the UK, founded by the Italian Francesco Bianco in 1693. Initial goal is the establishment of this place as a place to enjoy hot chocolate, but eventually became distinctive and exclusive because of the secret. And now this place is famous for its strange gambling games, such as guessing just £ 3,000 for the first drops of rain coming from the window. Requirement for people who want to join this club is they can join if invited and approved by two other members.

5. Area 51 – United States
Area 51, or better known as the U.S. Air Force Flight Test Center and other pseudonyms such as Dreamland, Watertown Strip, Paradise Ranch, The Farm, The Box, Groom Lake, and the Directorate for Development Plans Area is a remote area in southern Nevada, which owned by the United States, is used as a secret development center and experimental aircraft - a new generation of fighter aircraft. This area is also very well known because of alleged UFO research center who until now regarded as one of the conspiracy theories that have not been revealed.

6. Room 39 – North Korea
Room 39 This is the only place where illegal fully supported by the state and are in a country. Projected as one of the secret organization in Korea who are looking for ways to earn foreign currency for Kim Jong-il. Room was founded in 1970 and do not know where the name originated Room 39. Room 39 using the 10-20 bank accounts which are in China and in Switzerland that aims to counterfeiting, money laundering and illegal activity. This place is also suspected of involvement in drug smuggling and arms sales. North Korea has denied involvement in illegal activities related to Room 39's.

7. Ise Grand Shrine – Japan
This place is the most sacred shrine in Japan. This place is dedicated to Amaterasu (the sun goddess) and has been built since 4 BC. The temple is believed to be a place to store some documents and some important items of the Japanese empire, one of which is Up?. Ise Grand Shine demolished and rebuilt every 20 years over the Shinto idea (next in 2013). This place is very very difficult to visit, except for those who become members of the imperial family.

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